Very good

With Cover Stream you can enjoy the beauty of your iTunes' Cover Flow on your Mac's desktop.

The application takes the feature onto your desktop so you don't even need to have iTunes opened to browse through all your albums. Flip browsing, which lets you turn over an album to view and select a track is something great and that Cover Flow definitely lacks.

Cover Stream also includes playback functions to control your songs and you can use a number of keyboard shortcuts to activate it faster. If you don't necessarily want neither iTunes nor Cover Stream up and cluttering your desktop you can keep them minimized and use the Mini-Flow view, much more discreet yet displaying the album cover and essential information.

On the whole Cover Stream performs well, however it can be known to use up a lot of RAM. We suggest trying not to have it on all the time.

Despite using up a bit or RAM, Cover Stream is a great way of enjoying Cover Flow and playing your iTunes music from your desktop.

Cover Stream is an iTunes controller that extends iTunes "Cover Flow" feature to the desktop, giving users a quick and easy way to visually browse through their entire album collection - without switching applications.

A great looking, light-weight frontend to iTunes, Cover Stream blows away the text-list-heavy interface of iTunes 7 and lets you flick through your albums faster, smoother and more easily than in iTunes itself.

Cover Stream


Cover Stream 2.6.2

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    So far so good, nice and simple to use..
    So far so good, nice and simple to use. The only criticism is that the ...   More